And what a long summer it has been…

Exciting things happen. I got a new puppy and I love her to bits. Perhaps a little too much.

Isn’t it precious watching them explore the world? Today we went to the dog park and I could have just sat for hours watching her nose around the bird baths and plant mounds. You would have thought she had never seen a large, dog shaped statue before! Oh wait, she hasn’t.

My older dog is still feeling a bit put out, she’s sitting by my feet and I try to give her alone with me time which she loves.

It’s been a dark tunnel this last year but with the new puppy to train, and with me finally giving up my job, there is a light.

Here’s a thought for people, and something I said to my friend when she was upset.

“If there’s one thing I’ve learnt in the last couple of weeks it’s that you have to start doing things to make yourself happy. It’s not selfish, it’s just realising that you’re the person you have to be with the rest of your life.”


Raine exploring the world around her.

So I implore you, if you’re miserable in your job, in a rut or a dark place, do something about it. No excuses, no what if’s. Things happen for a reason.


About thosepeskycanines

I am a 22 year old mother of none. My "child" at the moment is an 11 year old golden retriever called Shasha. I will be posting mostly about our days together and my casual observations of the world. I enjoy ranting. I enjoy good food. I like normal things like crime drama and good games.
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