Today it was Autumn

There’s just something about walking in the crisp mornings of Autumn that you can’t beat. I know its november so it’s technically winter but as far as I’m conerned its not winter until it snows and I have to scrape the car in the morning. Winter is a chore but Autumn is magical.

Braedale hill was the destination this morning, I had some blissful free time and I’ve been wanting to go back there for a couple of years. It’s only up the road but I’ve not had the time to go. Dog walkers galore! It use to be an old bing, a man made hill but years of nature have sculpted it into an interestingly dynamic walk. There’s a point when you get to the top of the hill, turn 360degrees and think, ‘wow’.

In one direction all you can see is windmills, beautiful in the distance. Some people think they’re a blight to the country side but I think they’re wonderful. Turn 90 degrees and you can see the towns, you’re facing east and it was clear enough today that you could see for miles. Building and towers and industrial factories mark the pathway to Glasgow. Turn again and its nothing but country side, you’re now facing the lothians and its villages and small towns until Livingston and Edinburgh. I felt on top of the world.


The view of the lothians.


Shasha thought she was a 4×4…


Shasha took me offroading! She went crazy the moment she got onto the hill, I think her nose was practically glued to the ground, and for the most part she was charging through the long grass and hiding in the dense trees. At one point she heard some water, and I was all for letting her swim had it not been for the steep incline down to the stream… We sat that one out. Its been a while since she’s been on a walk she’s enjoyed so much, I’ve been working so much lately!

The elusive stream we couldnt get near…

About thosepeskycanines

I am a 22 year old mother of none. My "child" at the moment is an 11 year old golden retriever called Shasha. I will be posting mostly about our days together and my casual observations of the world. I enjoy ranting. I enjoy good food. I like normal things like crime drama and good games.
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