Yesterday there was sunshine!

Dog show yesterday near Stirling, for the first time ever this venue was bathed in GLORIOUS sunshine! My old dog celebrated her last show with a little blue rosette to add to the collection, she was more interested in the liver cake than the rosette. 


What excited me most about yesterday was the drive, it was wonderful. You seem to notice things when the weather is nice that you don’t when its peeing it down with rain. The motorway, dreary in the gloom, is lovely in the sunshine, Driving north, the road was dotted with steeples from old churches, curious looking cows and miles and miles of green. Off the motor way, there was beautiful views of the Wallace monument (no where to park to take pictures 😦 ), picturesque little towns and at one point in the morning I was coming over a  hill to a wonderful sight! The road in front of me bright and the hills are wonderful but there was a valley to the west it was covered in fluffy cloud. Was desperate to stop and take a picture but again, no parking.


Here’s a picture of hills near the venue, just look at the colour of that sky!


If i had my walking boots, was 10000% fitter and 1000000000% more determined I would have tried to get to the top….



About thosepeskycanines

I am a 22 year old mother of none. My "child" at the moment is an 11 year old golden retriever called Shasha. I will be posting mostly about our days together and my casual observations of the world. I enjoy ranting. I enjoy good food. I like normal things like crime drama and good games.
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