Today the world ended! (Figuratively speaking….)

So phoned up my broadband provider for the fifth time to be told that the problem I’m having with my service could last a few more weeks.
Bad timing! The new world of warcraft came out today and although my copy hasn’t arrived in the post, I really really want to get online and do things! It sucks knowing I can only use my internet in the mornings because it’s “congested” in the evenings. 😦 I see speeds of 12kbps and packet loss of up to 35% past 6pm so my Internet is completely unusable. Gaaah oohhh ahhh.


On a lighter, less sinister note, I have contemplated starting to write again. The problem is I’m AWFUL but I really, really don’t want to be in my job forever and the only two ways I can think of getting out of it is to 1) Win the lottery. Plausible yet unlikely or 2) become a world famous author. ANY TIPS!?


In the spirit of my previous posts I give you pic!



About thosepeskycanines

I am a 22 year old mother of none. My "child" at the moment is an 11 year old golden retriever called Shasha. I will be posting mostly about our days together and my casual observations of the world. I enjoy ranting. I enjoy good food. I like normal things like crime drama and good games.
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2 Responses to Today the world ended! (Figuratively speaking….)

  1. Kristal Hollis says:

    I’m holding out on winning the lottery too. 🙂

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