Today we went walking.

So as its my day off (yay for the weekend!) and the sun is shining I decided to get up early and take the dog somewhere adventurous.

Now, a little bit about where I live! I live in Scotland, not known for its blistering sunshine so I had to take advantage of this weekend while it lasts. Early hours of this morning was filed with the sound of people starting to cut their grass on what could be the last dry and warm day of the year. I live in the very centre of the central belt, but on the edge of a town so all I have to do is pick a direction and Im amongst glorious glorious countryside.

Today we went to a nearby pond, which is highly over grown and forgotten about by the council so its a bit of a mess. Never the less it is very beautiful, very green and untamed. You cant really wander away from the paths without being knee deep in grass and mud but we were ok with that. The last time we went to visit the pond, we spent an hour trying to find it and gave up. This time we found it within a couple of minutes and I was a bit disappointed that you couldnt actually get close to the water.

We’d actually wanted to find the near by burn, but I can’t find how to get us there at all. My dog loves to wade into streams and go diving for rocks, she should have been born an otter instead!

We had a lovely walk anyway, barely met anyone which is nice!


This is about the closest i could get, most of the view around in the pond is obscured by trees and really tall grass.


This is my old girl on our way back, she never stays still long enough to get a photo!


I didnt realise how old my girl was looking until i saw this photo! I love her loads anyway 🙂

We had a lovely walk anyway, barely met anyone which is nice!


About thosepeskycanines

I am a 22 year old mother of none. My "child" at the moment is an 11 year old golden retriever called Shasha. I will be posting mostly about our days together and my casual observations of the world. I enjoy ranting. I enjoy good food. I like normal things like crime drama and good games.
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