Raine – a puppy in training

Raine - a puppy in training

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My girls

My girls

These are my world, I don’t understand people that say “it’s just a dog” or “it’s just a cat”. These people have obviously never felt the love in the innocent soul of a pet.

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And what a long summer it has been…

Exciting things happen. I got a new puppy and I love her to bits. Perhaps a little too much.

Isn’t it precious watching them explore the world? Today we went to the dog park and I could have just sat for hours watching her nose around the bird baths and plant mounds. You would have thought she had never seen a large, dog shaped statue before! Oh wait, she hasn’t.

My older dog is still feeling a bit put out, she’s sitting by my feet and I try to give her alone with me time which she loves.

It’s been a dark tunnel this last year but with the new puppy to train, and with me finally giving up my job, there is a light.

Here’s a thought for people, and something I said to my friend when she was upset.

“If there’s one thing I’ve learnt in the last couple of weeks it’s that you have to start doing things to make yourself happy. It’s not selfish, it’s just realising that you’re the person you have to be with the rest of your life.”


Raine exploring the world around her.

So I implore you, if you’re miserable in your job, in a rut or a dark place, do something about it. No excuses, no what if’s. Things happen for a reason.

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Raine – the new edition to the family!

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Today it was Autumn

There’s just something about walking in the crisp mornings of Autumn that you can’t beat. I know its november so it’s technically winter but as far as I’m conerned its not winter until it snows and I have to scrape the car in the morning. Winter is a chore but Autumn is magical.

Braedale hill was the destination this morning, I had some blissful free time and I’ve been wanting to go back there for a couple of years. It’s only up the road but I’ve not had the time to go. Dog walkers galore! It use to be an old bing, a man made hill but years of nature have sculpted it into an interestingly dynamic walk. There’s a point when you get to the top of the hill, turn 360degrees and think, ‘wow’.

In one direction all you can see is windmills, beautiful in the distance. Some people think they’re a blight to the country side but I think they’re wonderful. Turn 90 degrees and you can see the towns, you’re facing east and it was clear enough today that you could see for miles. Building and towers and industrial factories mark the pathway to Glasgow. Turn again and its nothing but country side, you’re now facing the lothians and its villages and small towns until Livingston and Edinburgh. I felt on top of the world.


The view of the lothians.


Shasha thought she was a 4×4…


Shasha took me offroading! She went crazy the moment she got onto the hill, I think her nose was practically glued to the ground, and for the most part she was charging through the long grass and hiding in the dense trees. At one point she heard some water, and I was all for letting her swim had it not been for the steep incline down to the stream… We sat that one out. Its been a while since she’s been on a walk she’s enjoyed so much, I’ve been working so much lately!

The elusive stream we couldnt get near…
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Yesterday there was sunshine!

Dog show yesterday near Stirling, for the first time ever this venue was bathed in GLORIOUS sunshine! My old dog celebrated her last show with a little blue rosette to add to the collection, she was more interested in the liver cake than the rosette. 


What excited me most about yesterday was the drive, it was wonderful. You seem to notice things when the weather is nice that you don’t when its peeing it down with rain. The motorway, dreary in the gloom, is lovely in the sunshine, Driving north, the road was dotted with steeples from old churches, curious looking cows and miles and miles of green. Off the motor way, there was beautiful views of the Wallace monument (no where to park to take pictures 😦 ), picturesque little towns and at one point in the morning I was coming over a  hill to a wonderful sight! The road in front of me bright and the hills are wonderful but there was a valley to the west it was covered in fluffy cloud. Was desperate to stop and take a picture but again, no parking.


Here’s a picture of hills near the venue, just look at the colour of that sky!


If i had my walking boots, was 10000% fitter and 1000000000% more determined I would have tried to get to the top….


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Today the world ended! (Figuratively speaking….)

So phoned up my broadband provider for the fifth time to be told that the problem I’m having with my service could last a few more weeks.
Bad timing! The new world of warcraft came out today and although my copy hasn’t arrived in the post, I really really want to get online and do things! It sucks knowing I can only use my internet in the mornings because it’s “congested” in the evenings. 😦 I see speeds of 12kbps and packet loss of up to 35% past 6pm so my Internet is completely unusable. Gaaah oohhh ahhh.


On a lighter, less sinister note, I have contemplated starting to write again. The problem is I’m AWFUL but I really, really don’t want to be in my job forever and the only two ways I can think of getting out of it is to 1) Win the lottery. Plausible yet unlikely or 2) become a world famous author. ANY TIPS!?


In the spirit of my previous posts I give you pic!


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